The Health Scribe | Medical Copywriting Ireland

Why the Health Scribe?​

Unique Viewpoint

As a writer who has studied Science and holds degrees in English and Sociology, I’m not only versed in the mechanics of good writing, but I also understand key scientific principles.

I have a fluency with relevant terminology and understand the influences at work across society and how people engage with health services.

This helps me to market your services knowledgably and with respect for your audience, their challenges, and needs.

Experience in Your Sector

Trusting someone else to write your content is a big decision.

At The Health Scribe, I’ve taken the time to get to know your sector and the audience you serve. This eliminates hand holding and ensures you get the service you require.

I have written for a range of clients across the Irish health sector including dental, dermatology, hypnotherapy, post-natal care providers and training providers in the area of disability.

Business Acumen

Getting your hands on a good writer is all well and good but to deliver results, they must also understand your business.

As a small business owner, I understand the unique challenges you face. I come with commercial know-how and a professional network that you simply won’t find in an agency writer. Whether it’s strategy or an introduction you need, working with a writer who is a small business owner is very beneficial.

Skilled at Story Branding

I took my skills in creative writing and learned how they can be incorporated into business, to harness the magic of storytelling that has moved humans for thousands of years.

Many organisations in your sector fail to stand out. I can craft a strong story brand that resonates with your audience so deeply they’ll never go anywhere else.

I deliver a range of project types to support the healthcare sector, explore my Services.

Already got a project in mind? Let’s talk!